As life and business slowly return to normal, many of us are moving from producing entirely virtual conference experiences to hybrid events. In many ways, producing hybrid events is even tougher than virtual meetings because online participants have come to expect a high-quality virtual experience but onsite attendees still want to enjoy the conference experience they became accustomed to prior to the pandemic.

We’d like to highlight two solutions and several integrations we offer to help you serve both of these audiences – and best of all, they seamlessly integrate with NetForum and are thoroughly proven.

The solutions are as follows:

Zurich – Zurich is an onsite point of sales system integrated to NetForum. Zurich allows associations to conduct the following processes onsite:

  • sell merchandise
  • register attendees on-site
  • renew memberships
  • check-in attendees and print badges
  • accept charitable donations

Each of the modules can be sold separately and all the data automatically appears in your NetForum system as the transactions are being posted. No need to rekey any information.

If you are only interested in selling merchandise, setup is simple. We have clients that find the ability to accept membership renewals on-site to be very compelling, so combining that capability with either on-site registration or product sales may provide you a lot of efficiency. We can install exactly the modules that make sense for you.  To learn more about Zurich, click here.

Nucleus – Conferences and especially hybrid events produce a lot of data. The Nucleus Data Analytics platform is tightly integrated to NetForum and is tailored specifically to provide KPIs, metrics, and trends from association events – whether on-line, on-site, or hybrid. Nucleus is also ideal for scoring and measuring individual activities that are happening at your meetings.

Special Offer: Currently, we are offering special Nucleus pricing for NetForum customers. Click here to learn more about the Nucleus events package, here to learn more about Nucleus engagement scoring, and here to request a demo.

Zoom, GotoWebinar & GotoMeeting Integrations – to make these popular conference platforms efficient, they must be integrated to your association management solution (AMS). We have integrated them to NetForum to save you time and allow you to capture all the valuable data from the event. The standard virtual meeting platform integrations include the following features:

  • single sign-on (SSO) – login to the virtual platform using NetForum credentials
  • product/event sync – create product in NetForum, automatically create event in virtual platform
  • registration enrollment – register in NetForum, enroll in virtual platform
  • cancellation – cancel in NetForum, cancel in virtual platform

Expanded capabilities we could add to the integration include:

  • tracking attendance – attend webinar in platform, mark “Attended” flag on registration record in NetForum
  • demographics – pass additional demographics from AMS to platform during enrollment
  • registration – register directly in virtual platform and creating registration record in NetForum (specifically for FREE webinars).

If you are interested in discussing any of these innovative products, please contact me ( – I am at your disposal and hope to be a resource.

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