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NetForum is a powerful Association Management System (AMS) and Gravitate has decades of experience tailoring it to meet your needs. Your organization will work with one of Gravitate’s NetForum architects or project consultants, trained by NetForum General Manager Tim Ward, who was the chief architect of NetForum when it was initially developed and has been enhancing and improving NetForum ever since. Let Gravitate help you solve your greatest challenges and maximize your technology investment.

Enterprise Solutions that Work in Conjunction with NetForum

Google Tag Manager


Break down data silos and consolidate your integrations into a single platform. Sync critical data in real-time with the applications and products you use the most.

Cyclone is an integration platform that allows data in SQL Server to be published to external systems or applications in real-time. Say goodbye to expensive, one-off integrations that take weeks or months to deliver. Cyclone delivers one-way integrations faster, cheaper, and more reliably.  While Cyclone works wonderfully with NetForum, it also working with any solution based on SQL as well as Salesforce. 

Let Cyclone automate manual, monotonous tasks in real-time to keep your data fresh and relevant.

Google Universal Analytics

Having a better understanding of your website analytics and the individual actions your members are taking on your website isn’t a nice-to-have, it is a business imperative.

With Gravitate Solutions’ Google Universal Analytics plugin, you can quickly and easily view member behavior and engagement levels from eWeb pages on your site, greatly increasing your ability to provide targeted content and product offerings to your members.

Google Universal Analytics
Google Tag Manager

Google Tag Manager

With Gravitate Solutions’ Google Tag Manager plugin, tagging your organization’s web presences has never been easier.

Manage and deploy changes to your tags across multiple web assets, all while seamlessly tracking back event data in Google Universal Analytics.

This one-stop repository will not only streamline your tagging procedures, but also save valuable man hours launching your third-party tags.

eWeb Individual Impersonation

Have you or your teammates ever had a member call in who was experiencing problems on eWeb that you couldn’t see from iWeb? The new eWeb Individual Impersonation plugin fixes that.

With a simple click of a button you will be able to launch into eWeb as that particular user, see what they see, click through the eWeb site on their behalf, and troubleshoot with them on the fly.

This quick and efficient fix will increase member satisfaction and leave your team with more time to help members.

eWeb Individual Impersonate
Session Timeout Notifier for eWeb

Session Timeout Notifier for eWeb

Have your members ever filled out a long registration or purchase form only to be told they’ve run out of time and have to re-enter the information? Not the best experience, right?

Extend the normal 15 minute session timeout length in NetForum with our Session Timeout Notifier for eWeb.

Increase your member’s satisfaction by allowing them more time, while also improving your security measures by logging members out after a set amount of time you designate after their session has becomes idle.

Responsive Design Framework for eWeb

For our clients using NetForum, there are a variety of options available to utilize responsive design, depending on the version. We can help tailor a solution that best fits your needs.

We can lend our expertise with:

  • mimicking the design of your main CMS while leveraging other eWeb modules
  • using eWeb’s CMS module for all of your content management
  • utilizing eWeb from within an inline frame

The Gravitate team has the experience, knowledge, and skills to provide a seamless customer experience for users on virtually any device.

Mobile Experiences
BI Data Import Tool

netFORUM Quick Import Utility

The Gravitate Solutions NetForum Quick Import tool can help with:

• Parallel processing of source data files resulting in accelerated import throughput
• Ability to declaratively (no coding!) import and update related Façade objects within a single database transaction
• Useful error logging


Reconcile your accounting faster with BridgeYourBooks. BridgeYourBooks integrates with NetForum’s accounting module to push batches over to your accounting software securely and easily. Generate near real-time automated transfers and eliminate the need for manual uploads.


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