Sell registrations, memberships, merchandise, publications and subscriptions at your events with Gravitate’s easy-to-use, mobile point-of-sale product, Zurich.

Take Zurich onsite with you at your organization’s next event and seamlessly register attendees on-site, sell merchandise, renew memberships, check-in attendees and print badges, and accept charitable donations on-the-fly. And everything will seamlessly appear in your netFORUM database after the show. No need to rekey any info!

Zurich Features

  • Fully integrated with netFORUM
  • Easy to use, intuitive interface
  • No need for duplicative data entry
  • Tracks and reconciles attendee purchases instantly
  • All orders are processed securely in real-time
  • Available in mobile, desktop and kiosk platforms
Zurich Product Details
Zurich Payment Details
Zurich Kiosk Checkin
Zurich Product Details

Full Integration with netFORUM

Fully integrated with netFORUM, it’s a perfect mobile system for meetings and conferences. Track and reconcile attendee purchases instantly, without the time and hassle of rekeying transactions after your event.

All orders are processed securely in real-time, allowing Zurich cashiers to confirm a customer’s membership or update their contact info at the time of a sale.

Zurich netFORUM integration
Zurich product inventory

If you can sell it in netFORUM, you can sell it in Zurich!

  • Registrations
  • Memberships
  • Merchandise
  • Publications
  • Subscriptions

Sales On-the-Go

Available in mobile, desktop and kiosk platforms, you can make transactions on-the-go or easily set up a cashier station anywhere.

Whether you’re an attendee checking in onsite at a Zurich kiosk and printing your badge, or a cashier registering a walk-in and selling products, Zurich’s streamlined checkout and intuitive interface will keep the lines short and your event attendees happy.

Just connect to the internet and install the Zurich app on any Windows 8.1 device anywhere, anytime you need to make a sale on-the-go.

Zurich Product Inventory
Zurich Kiosk View

Reduce training time and staff costs

With its intuitive interface and sleek design, Zurich makes it easy for staff and volunteers to complete a sale, update a customer record or check in an event attendee, all with minimal training.

AAA Saves Convention Time with Zurich

The American Anthropological Association’s (AAA) Annual Meeting of 5,000 anthropologists from around the world was lacking in a sophisticated registration process for its members. AAA utilized iWeb in netFORUM for their onsite event registration process, but found it to be very cumbersome and limiting as an in-person registration tool.

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Zurich: Transforming the ENDO Experience

Every year the Endocrine Society hosts ENDO, a large yearly meeting with 10,000 attendees who all need to check- in, buy products and subscriptions in pop- up stores throughout the event, and apply for or update memberships. Their old system was fraught with challenges.

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Despite the [9% increase in attendees], our sales went much more smoothly than in previous years because we had Zurich…Everyone is very excited about the possibilities for future conference sales.

Mike F.

Endocrine Society

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