Nucleus is the first data aggregation and analysis platform built specifically for associations that connects and aggregates data from disparate sources, empowering data-driven decision-making through visualization and analysis.

Nucleus can blend, transform, and analyze data from various sources including an AMS, LMS, event management systems, email, Google Analytics, and more.

Finally, every piece of member data is in one location.

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Key Features:

  • Tailor made for associations
  • Blend data from unlimited data sources
  • Data visualizations, dashboards, and reports answering key association-focused questions
  • Quick access to data
  • Accessible from any device, anytime, anywhere through the cloud
  • Simple to use and understand

Key Benefits:

  • Replace manual reporting with automated updates
  • Platform agnostic integrations with association solutions
  • Intuitive user interface for the entire organization (no data scientists needed!)
  • Free up staff time to focus on other programs
Blended data



AMS (agnostic)

LMS (agnostic)

Event management platforms

Google Analytics

Email service providers

Marketing automation

Data warehouses

Community platforms

Social media

Public data sources

Custom files (.xls, .csv, and more)


And more

Integrate with these software programs, and more!

The results of data-driven decision making:

Data Visualizations

As data changes, views are updated in near real-time to enable accurate and  timely decision making with your data.

Democratized data

Democratize your data so everyone from the IT team, marketing, membership team, up to the C-Suite can gain access to the same insights in near real-time.


Actionable analytics

This platform agnostic tool integrates with any web-based system to capture 100% of member and prospect activity.

Business Intelligence

Gain valuable insights that can help drive your organization forward faster, and smarter.

Data-Driven Culture

Data-Driven Culture

Engage your team and dive deeper into your data.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Nucleus?

Nucleus is a data analytics platform that ingests transactional data from all of your operational systems, then blends, transforms and aggregates the data to deliver visually stunning interactive dashboards that update in real time and render on all device form factors.

Can we try Nucleus before we buy?

Yes! We are excited to show you quickly how Nucleus can immediately add value to your association.  Our team of passionate data gurus will get you up and running in record time so you can start enjoying increased visibility into your operational data and gaining immediate insights from real time updates. Contact us now to get started!

How is Nucleus different than other BI solutions?

Nucleus is built for associations and provides turnkey, configurable data connectors for the most installed software products and platforms used by associations. Implementation time can be measured in days, not weeks or months. Time to value is greatly accelerated and you’ll see actionable insights immediately.

We are a small association; can we afford Nucleus?

Yes! Nucleus is a great fit for smaller associations that don’t have a large budget, IT team or even a resident data analyst. Our pricing is flexible to fit any size association.

We want all of our users to be able to access Nucleus, is that going to cost extra?

No! The license is for the whole organization – no per seat licenses or limits! Data democratization means everybody you want to have access can interact with the data to make the most use of it for their areas of interest. We want you to decide who in your organization gets to use Nucleus. Our licensing model provides a site license for everyone in your association, including the Board!

The demand for data analytics from our Executive Team and Board of Directors is constant and relentless. Our IT department is understaffed and overwhelmed, can Nucleus help?

Yes! Nucleus can deliver any important operational metrics your leadership needs to use in making critical strategic decisions. Do they use laptops or tablets? Guess what? It doesn’t matter! Nucleus can be accessed by ANY device, anywhere, updated in real time.

We have a lot of data sources, can you connect to all of them?

We have been working with customers to prioritize development of integration connectors for the software products and platforms most commonly used by associations – AMS, CMS, LMS, Community, Marketing Automation, etc. Let us know what you need!

What if we need extra consulting help?

We have a dedicated expert services team that can help you build a custom data connector, or connect 3rd party business intelligence tools to the Nucleus API. Our RESTful API can also accept data from any source, including Excel, CSV and plain old network file shares.

If our association uses a commercial product that you don't yet have a connector for, will I be able to get that data into Nucleus?

Yes! Your job is to use Nucleus, get value from it and give us great ideas for making it better. Our job is to improve our platform by connecting Nucleus to an ever increasing list of software products and platforms used by associations.

Can Nucleus deliver data visualizations that blend data from multiple systems?

Yes, in innumerable ways, updated in real time. Say goodbye to expensive and time consuming Excel reporting. Say hello to having the data you need, across all data sources, when and where you need it, on the device of your choosing.

We have already purchased Tableau, can we still use Nucleus?

Yes! Gravitate has developed a Tableau Web Data Connector (WDC) that can consume data directly from the Nucleus API. Let Nucleus handle the heavy lifting of data blending and aggregation to unlock the power of Tableau.

Can Nucleus create visualizations from other existing BI tools we already have installed?

Yes! If you use Tableau, Excel or Power BI or any tool that can read data from a RESTful API, then Nucleus is for you.

If you use a commercial BI tool that we haven’t yet developed a connector for, we can build it.

We have already created a data warehouse, do we have to throw it away and start from scratch?

No! Your existing data warehouse can feed into Nucleus so your existing work can be leveraged and built upon.

Can this generate revenue for my organization?

There is a time-honored expression: your time is money. How many hours do you spend pulling data from all sources to get info to your team? How could you use that time more strategically in support of your organization’s efforts?

Or how long do you have to wait for reports, only to have the decision-making window pass you by?

Nucleus is not only the first analytics tool built specifically for associations, it is the most cost-effective. For a fraction of a typical waterfall BI engagement, your WHOLE organization can plug into insights that help you steer the future of your organization.

Welcome to the new normal!

We don’t think we can take anything else on right now. Our IT docket is really full.

Nucleus is not a typical IT engagement. You won’t spend hours around a conference table, pouring over data tables and discussing the importance of one field vs. another. We do all that behind the scenes, so you don’t have to. We’ll need to meet with your working group a few times to ensure we are deploying what they need to see. But that’s it. From kickoff to deploy, Nucleus can power your organization in 30 days.

But I thought a true BI engagement should take months and cost 6 figures, how can you claim to do it so much more quickly?

Our philosophy in developing Nucleus was threefold: accelerate time to value; lower the barrier to entry; and focus resources on gaining insights.

What this means for you is that our tech approach delivers quick wins and allows us to provide maximum performance and scalability at a price that is affordable to all associations. Equally as important, our broad and deep association knowledge—gained through decades of experience delivering technology solutions to associations—gives a leg up on other vendors who need to learn what associations do before they can begin attempting to deliver value.

Our Work Speaks for Itself

AMIA leverages Nucleus and Agile Analytics to Uncover Insights

Over recent years, AMIA increasingly embraced a strategy of making data-driven decisions. But this strategy often fell into conflict with the realities of resource constraints and their self-proclaimed “dirty data.” So AMIA approached Gravitate to assist in answering a set of 16 specific questions about various key performance indicators (KPIs) that would address these challenges and help them—and their board—provide the data to help chart the course of the organization. Read More »

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