Agile Analytics

Gravitate’s Agile Analytics solutions enable data-guided decision-making by:

  • Connecting your data silos to deliver organization-wide insights
  • Utilizing both proven and emerging tools and processes to ensure consistent, trustworthy, and timely data
  • Empowering business users through easy access to actionable data

Our Agile Business Analytics approach begins delivering ROI within days or weeks of the project start date – not months. This means that today, as you’re reading this, your organization is at most weeks away from recognizing patterns that already exist within and outside of your organization – and understanding why those patterns are happening.

Get the insights you need to be forward thinking and nimble enough to adapt to ever changing business environments with our Business Analytics offerings.



Agile Business Analytics

Sometimes you need answers you can trust, and you need them now. Let Gravitate Solutions show you how to get from question to insight to dashboard in hours or days, not weeks or months.

Custom Reporting Tool Development

A custom reporting tool created by Gravitate Solutions can empower your business users to build their own reports. This frees your IT staff from query requests so they can focus on strategic initiatives.

Whether the need is list pulling and segmentation from your marketing team, or industry information for your members, we’ve created intuitive query tools which require little to no end user training.



Report and Query Development (SSRS)

Standard reports satisfy standard needs. For your not-so-standard needs, Gravitate Solutions’ expert team of report developers can create or modify reports that meet your unique requirements. Our attention to detail and technical prowess result in data you can trust.


NetForum Quick Import Utility

The Gravitate Solutions NetForum Quick Import tool can help with:

• Parallel processing of source data files resulting in accelerated import throughput
• Ability to declaratively (no coding!) import and update related Façade objects within a single database transaction
• Useful error logging

Business Intelligence
Business Intelligence
Business Intelligence
Business Intelligence

Our BI working sessions have done two things—both kept us on track with project management and delivery and enabled us to make real-time changes in the dashboards. As nerdy as it sounds, we all look forward to them because we can tweak dashboards and move things around and see what other nuggets we find. And everyone feels connected to the work.

Karen G.

The American Medical Informatics Association

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