netFORUM Modules

netFORUM is the base of operations for your organization, so it’s important to leverage it to its fullest potential. Gravitate offers a growing family of products which help customers get the most value out of their investment in netFORUM.
ASHA Online Dues Renewal

Dues Renewal

Retaining your members is paramount to your association’s success. Let Gravitate create an easy dues renewal process by streamlining the user experience utilizing eWeb, netFORUM’s web application toolkit. Our online dues renewal systems offers:

  • Verification of an open invoice
  • Payment of full or partial open invoices
  • Processing special interest group memberships
  • Optional payment amounts (e.g., contributions/donations) to add to dues payment
  • Demographic survey capture
  • Real-time credit card validation
  • Real-time membership activation for recently lapsed members
  • Magical member retention powers!

Member Join

Building an engaging membership join process with a streamlined user interface and clear calls to action is crucial to quickly converting your prospects into members. Gravitate can help you avoid cumbersome and onerous solutions and instead create a simple, user-friendly registration experience. You’ll have your clients wishing they could join again and again.

CAI Member Join
ASHA Web Responsive Store

Online Stores

Streamline and refine your online store experience with many feature-rich benefits including:

  • Discount functions
  • Custom shipping
  • Single-Sign-On (SSO) infrastructure
  • Inventory modules
  • Responsive design
  • Customer Relationship Management (CRM) modules and more.

Because buying things should be fun and easy!

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