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The Gravitate Solutions Service Desk is here to support you and your team.

Whether you need to troubleshoot an issue with netFORUM, build a new report, add custom functionality to your systems, discuss training options, or just want to chat with our experts, Gravitate Solutions is here to help.

Gravitate Solutions netFORUM Service Desk

Our Service Desk team offers a variety of services, including:


Issue Investigation

We’re happy to investigate any issues with baseline features or custom functionality you would like assistance with.


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• Once problems are identified, we will update you with the cause and provide our recommended solution.

• If it is a quick fix, we’ll get on it. If not, we’ll clearly communicate any escalations and stay on the case until everything is resolved to your satisfaction.

• Troubleshooting netFORUM behavior includes baseline or third party customizations for iWeb modules, eWeb pages, and xWeb calls. There are few things that we haven’t seen before and we’re always eager to take on new challenges.


New Project Requests

Connect with our Business Analysts and Project Managers for consultation and estimates on your new projects.


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• Need some minor toolkit modifications and cosmetic adjustments done to netFORUM? We’ve got you covered.

• Have a new feature or custom functionality in mind? Use our ticket system to help you stay organized and connected to your Project Manager.

• Would you like some assistance or consultation on data issues and data cleanup tasks? Are you having a difficult time analyzing your data and developing insights for your internal business partners? Send us a ticket.

Process Assistance

We can lend a helping hand with processing information or completing complex netFORUM tasks.


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• We can help you identify and document efficient and accurate procedures for using your existing netFORUM functionality.

• Have a big event coming up? Membership renewals? Large marketing campaign you’d like to chat about? Let the experts help out or point you in the right direction.

• Need some assistance with netFORUM’s operating environment (including server functions, logins, or configuration for premise-based clients)? We can get you in touch with all the right people.


Training Requests

Want instruction on the proper operation of a feature in netFORUM? We can help with that.


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• Our top notch trainers can cover any existing netFORUM functionality. We have courses for netFORUM basics, advanced power users, query training, and more.

• Don’t need formal training? We can chat about anything from basic processing to complex business scenarios as needed.

Help Is Here!

Whether you have a backlog of small fixes you haven’t had time to do, or you just need a bit of training, but don’t want to spend a lot of money, Gravitate’s Service Desk is what you need.

What You Can Expect:


We’re here to help you QUICKLY.

Tickets will be assigned to the appropriate specialist or resolved within 24 business hours. The Service Desk is available from 8:00am and 6:00pm ET, Monday through Friday, except holidays (everyone needs a break from code once and a while!)

Full visibility into ticket status.

We use the award-winning Freshdesk solution, so you can see at all times the status of your ticket as it’s being worked on in the queue.

Same great team.

350+ years of technical knowledge is just a call away! Our team stands at the ready to triage and solve problems as they come in. Issues are routed to the most appropriate subject matter expert to ensure speedy resolution.



You are stuck on an item and its causing your whole solution to stall – but a 15 minute call with one of our specialists could set you on the path to immediate success.


Need further documentation? Not a problem.

Problem resolution will be documented and monthly reporting will be available upon request.

How Do I Get Started?

For current clients:

If you are a current client, you will automatically have an account created for you. If you haven’t already received an account validation email, please contact to have the validation resent.

For new clients:

You can get started with the Service desk by sending an email to Our ticket system will automatically create an account for you and send you a validation link. Use the validation link to confirm your account and update your profile. Please use your work email address so you can be linked to your organization’s account.

Once you’ve confirmed your account, you should be able to jump in and get started.

If you are brand new to Gravitate Solutions, a member of our Business Development team will follow up with you with more info on establishing a contract with us.

Four ways to submit a ticket:



Carrier Pigeon

Carrier Pigeon

Okay, maybe not this one. We’ve found they’re too difficult to train and they refuse to work in bad weather.

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