Case Studies

Sometimes, our stories can best be told through our clients’ eyes. Here, Gravitate Solutions shares some of our most interesting projects and how we turned challenges into successes for our clients.



Integration: CFA’s Cyclone Integration Allows Them to Unleash the Power of Salesforce

CFA uses netFORUM as its Association Management System (AMS), but uses Salesforce as a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and sales opportunity tracking tool. They used a manual update process, and keeping the systems up to date was time consuming and impacting staffs’ ability to do their jobs.

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Integration: NATP Finds Actionable Data with Google Analytics Integration

NATP had a variety of digital channels to market their organization, including email campaigns, SEO, Google AdWords, and other Google products. Unfortunately, they had no real way of determining how each of their channels were performing.

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Custom Development: ACFE Revitalizes their Certification Process

The ACFE staff was buried in paperwork. Their highly respected certification program was paper driven. Applications and documents were mailed in to ACFE for the staff to process, file, scan, record, and store. Read More »

CFP Board

Member Join: CAI’s Member Join Wizard Eases Staff and Member Frustration

CAI has over 33,000 members separated into five different member types. Those five member types had five different membership wizards, five different carts, etc. It was an overly complex process that required five times the amount of maintenance it should. Read More »

Integration: CFP Board Smooths the Certification Process

By administering the CFP exam, the board provides a standard to evaluate candidates, and ensure the highest level of knowledge and understanding by those awarded certification. However, the daunting exam required by CFP Board was clearly discouraging some potential candidates from completing the certification process.

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Online Dues Renewal: ASHA and its Members Get New Features with ODR

ASHA’s annual dues renewal cycle has the bulk of their renewals occurring over a 10-week period during which they need to process 140,000 transactions. Read More »

CFP Board Integration

Integration: CFP Board’s Boxwood Integration Drives Account Growth

How do you match the perfect candidate with the ideal employer? This was the question CFP Board was asking in 2013. They had discovered a real and tangible gap between CFP Board certificants and the employers seeking qualified candidates to fill financial advisor positions. Read More »

Implementation: Endocrine Society Modernizes with a Fresh netFORUM Implementation

Endocrine Society was a growing organization of 15,000 members running on an outdated Association Management System (AMS) that had no ecommerce capabilities. They needed to select and implement a new AMS and a new CMS for their website. Read More »

Integration: AIAA Gets the Best of Both Worlds with a Custom eLibrary Integration

Between magazines, books, journals, meeting notes, and other materials, AIAA has a large library of publications to sell. AIAA wanted to use a best-of-breed store front with netFORUM on the back end so they could keep all of their transactional data in one place and allow customers to purchase everything in a single transaction. Read More »


Problem Resolution: ACT-IAC Comes to Gravitate for Urgent Help

ACT-IAC had a premier event coming up in a few weeks. Suddenly their eWeb site was unusable and members were unable to register due to an unknown error. Read More »


Nucleus & Agile Analytics
Zurich New Cust
Zurich multi-platform

AMIA leverages Nucleus and Agile Analytics to Uncover Insights

Over recent years, AMIA increasingly embraced a strategy of making data-driven decisions. But this strategy often fell into conflict with the realities of resource constraints and their self-proclaimed “dirty data.” So AMIA approached Gravitate to assist in answering a set of 16 specific questions about various key performance indicators (KPIs) that would address these challenges and help them—and their board—provide the data to help chart the course of the organization. Read More »

AAA Saves Convention Time with Zurich

The American Anthropological Association’s (AAA) Annual Meeting of 5,000 anthropologists from around the world was lacking in a sophisticated registration process for its members. AAA utilized iWeb in netFORUM for their onsite event registration process, but found it to be very cumbersome and limiting as an in-person registration tool. Read More »

Zurich Transforms the ENDO Experience

Every year the Endocrine Society hosts ENDO, a large yearly meeting with 10,000 attendees who all need to check- in, buy products and subscriptions in pop- up stores throughout the event, and apply for or update memberships. Their old system was fraught with challenges.

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