ACFE Revitalizing their Certification Process

The Association of Certified Fraud Examiners (ACFE) is the world’s largest anti-fraud organization and the premier provider of anti-fraud training and education. Its 75,000 members have investigated over two million cases of suspected fraud. ACFE provides conferences, seminars, and other training events and education to its members as well as administering the industry preferred credential, giving members an immense professional advantage.

The Challenge:

The ACFE staff was buried in paperwork. Their highly respected certification program was paper driven. Applications and documents were mailed in to ACFE for the staff to process, file, scan, record, and store. The staff spend countless hours on menial tasks and potential certificants were frustrated with a lengthy and onerous application process:

  • Staff time was wasted with busywork.
  • All of the papers and documentation that was mailed in to ACFE needed to be physically stored – file cabinets were bursting at the seams.
  • Communication and response time to potential certificants was slow, taking weeks or even months to even begin the certification process.
  • The process was prone to error – unacceptable for an association priding itself on inspiring confidence in its organization.
  • It was difficult for candidates to know if they were missing information or where they were in the application process.

The Solution:

ACFE leveraged Abila’s netFORUM to create a self-service portal for users to manage and submit their application materials. The Portal has made every step of the application and certification process easier for staff and users alike. Through the creation of the self-service portal, ACFE has grown its applicants and certificants, in turn, potentially growing its base – the ultimate goal of any association.

  • Staff loves the fact that paperwork, and time spent on tedious tasks has been eliminated.
  • The file cabinets (now enjoying their retirement) love that documentation components are stored as records and associated attachments within Abila’s netFORUM’s existing infrastructure.
  • Applicants love its ease of use and the timely responses received from ACFE staff. Responses can be made immediately – directly through the portal. The process with the new portal has been reduced to days or even hours.
  • Administration and management love that the potential for staff input error is nil.
  • Everyone loves that the Portal tracks application components. Users can add components in each category, and can edit and manage those components during the course of their application cycle, only allowing submission if acceptable points are accrued.

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