CAI’s Member Join Wizard Eases Staff and Member Frustration

Community Associations Institute
An international organization of members dedicated to building better communities, Community Associations Institute (CAI) provides education and resources to community association homeowner leaders, professional managers, association management companies, other businesses and professionals who provide products and services to community associations.

The Challenge:

CAI has over 33,000 members separated into five different member types. Those five member types had five different membership wizards, five different carts, etc. It was an overly complex process that required five times the amount of maintenance it should.

  • Users had to self-select membership types and paths, causing member confusion, user error, and, ultimately, a lot of follow-up and admin work for staff.
  • Any updating and frequent bug fixes needed to happen on each individual wizard, causing maintenance to be excessive and expensive.

The Solution:

Gravitate Solutions, CAI’s technology partner, architected a single wizard that simplified and unified the membership process. All five member types used the same wizard to determine their member type and complete their transaction.

  • The new decision tree wizard shepherds people through the membership process, helping them identify their correct member type, reducing user error, frustration, and admin work on the back end.
  • The single wizard centralized the code base, eliminating the brittle code and bugs in the old system, and made maintenance much easier.

Gravitate Solutions (formerly Old Town IT) excels at understanding requirements and building solutions on time and within budget. Gravitate is adept at determining multiple solutions to a problem, assessing risks, and delivering applications of exceptional quality. They reduced the total cost of ownership of our online join application by combining multiple processes and relocating extraneous components. It is a pleasure working with Gravitate Solutions.

Amy A.

Community Associations Institute

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