CFP Board’s Boxwood Integration Drives Account Growth

Everyone has their own idea of a retirement utopia — a warm sunny beach in Hawaii, cruises in the Bahamas, jet-setting the globe. However, few of us will achieve that retirement dream without the careful planning and advice of a qualified, trusted financial planner. Enter Certified Financial Planners (CFP) Board – whose mission is to ensure the availability of competent financial planners for people around the world.


The Challenge:

How do you match the perfect candidate with the ideal employer? This was the question CFP Board was asking in 2013. They had discovered a real and tangible gap between CFP Board certificants and the employers seeking qualified candidates to fill financial advisor positions. They simply couldn’t find each other. They needed a Cupid’s arrow for the industry.

  • The solution needed to work within existing infrastructure and be indistinguishable from existing framework to users.
  • The solution should provide an approachable experience at every step of the way.
  • The solution needed to be a comprehensive experience that handled transitions between systems smoothly.


more website visits than the previous year


increase in monthly account creation

more accounts created than monthly average

CFP Boxwood Integration

The Solution:

The solution, CFP Board decided, was a one-stop shop where employers, students, and graduates could meet up to find the perfect job or employee in the financial planning field. Leveraging Boxwood’s Career Center, CFP Board designed a Career Center that would serve as the destination for those interested the CFP certification, those starting or managing a career as a financial advisor, and job and internship opportunities. Not just a job board, the Career Center is a community that engages everyone in the industry, ensuring a pipeline of qualified Financial Planners, and, ultimately, sustainability for CFP Board.

  • Integration of CFP Board’s netFORUM with Boxwood’s Career Center provides a single sign-on experience.
  • The eWeb Create Account and Forgot Password processes were streamlined to create a friendlier experience and ensure users were redirected back to the Career Center after Completion.
  • The existing single sign-on with CFP Board’s SiteFinity site was reviewed and improved, allowing users to move seamlessly between eWeb,, and the Career Center.