CFP Board Smooths the Certification Process

Everyone has their own idea of a retirement utopia — a warm sunny beach in Hawaii, cruises in the Bahamas, jet-setting the globe. However, few of us will achieve that retirement dream without the careful planning and advice of a qualified, trusted financial planner. Enter Certified Financial Planners (CFP) Board – whose mission is to ensure the availability of competent financial planners for people around the world.

The Challenge:

By administering the CFP exam, the board provides a standard to evaluate candidates, and ensure the highest level of knowledge and understanding by those awarded certification. However, the daunting exam required by CFP Board was clearly discouraging some potential candidates from completing the certification process. CFP Board knew that the number of certificants should be higher. Something needed to change. They determined that they needed to:

  • Assist candidates in their exam preparation to make the process less intimidating and provide a path to success for qualified candidates.
  • Ease stress on candidates by having all testing tasks, prep, purchase, review, tracking in one place.
  • Personalize and improve the exam experience and give access to accurate and timely status information to the candidate.
  • Find a way to gather data on potential applicants.


of registrants signed up for the practice exam within a few months

exams sold within first six months of release

more website visitors than previous year

more accounts created than monthly average

The Solution:

Gravitate worked with CFP Board to design an (AUDC 2015) award-winning project that created a bundle of Practice Exam products in netFORUM, and integrated with Internet Testing Systems (ITS) for seamless delivery and tracking of results. CFP Board knew that by leveraging Abila’s netFORUM, they would be able to achieve their goals. Gravitate was happy to help CFP Board extend the capabilities of netFORUM while maximizing its value.

    • Creating Practice Exam products available via netFORUM allows candidates to easily purchase products that make the exam less intimidating and helps those candidates succeed.
    • Integrating CFP Board’s netFORUM with ITS provides an easy, single sign-on experience, allowing for seamlessly switching between netFORUM for purchasing and tracking purposes and ITS for testing and review purposes.
    • netFORUM securely sends candidate information to ITS for a personalized testing experience and ITS passes exam status information to be displayed to the candidate in their netFORUM account.
    • Practice Exam purchases now provide a data set for correlation and causation analysis, demographic breakdowns, as well as Education and Experience profiles.

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