NATP Google Analytics Integration Gives Insight into

Real-World Marketing Data

NATP Google Analytics netFORUM Integration

The National Association of Tax Professionals (NATP) is the largest nonprofit organization that serves individuals specializing in tax preparation. NATP members work at offices that assist over 12 million people worldwide with U.S. tax preparation and planning. Formed in 1979, NATP’s member base includes individual tax preparers, enrolled agents, certified public accountants, accountants, attorneys, and financial planners.

The Challenge:

NATP had a variety of digital channels to market their organization, including email campaigns, SEO, Google AdWords, and other Google products. Unfortunately, they had no real way of determining how each of their channels were performing.

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The Solution:

With Gravitate’s Google Analytics extension, NATP now knows the value of each of their many digital marketing channels, allowing them to put resources where they will generate the most revenue, help them meet their marketing goals, and increase membership and sales.

  • NATP is able to see what content generates click-throughs and which products and services people buy from what content. They can use this data to identify a schema where content is bound to a collection of proven related products and services.
  • Their Google Analytics extension allowed NATP to learn of unexpected sources of membership. They can now dig put more resources into this source and, hopefully, expand their membership.
  • NATP can use Google Analytics data to determine which AdWords keywords, phrases, and budgets are working and where to reinvest in testing new ones.

Real World Results

Email Campaigns

NATP can now see which products and services people buy when they click into the site from various email content.


NATP found tha the majority of new membership conversions are from organic searches, not email like other products and services.

AdWords/Google Products

NATP can decide exactly which AdWord and product campaigns are worth their weight, keep the true performers, test new phrases/budgets, and eliminate the duds.

With Gravitate’s Google Analytics extension we have solid figures to calculate ROI for each of our digital channels rather than using ambiguously determined goals, sessions, or clicks. We have access to new insights that we were only able to make assumptions about before.

Jerry S.

National Association of Tax Professionals

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